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Wedding photographer in Kyiv

There are times when you need a good Kyiv wedding photographer or videographer. You want to save a wedding, a birthday with colorful photos, a good clip or just a high-quality video. The site shows works, the cost of a photo session in Kyiv. I have been engaged in photography since 2010. A wedding is one of the most beautiful, touching holidays. For a wedding photo session in Kyiv, there are many beautiful places that can become scenery for future photos. I will help you choose a place for a photo session. Even if you don't know how to pose in a photo, everything will be shown and suggested. How to stand up, how to hug, from which side to take each other's hand. All this (setting the shot) is included in the work of a wedding photographer and videographer.

Advantages of wedding photography and videography

List of services

It is important to know – As authors of photos and videos, we have the right to place wedding photos and clips in our portfolio. If you want the photo and video recording to take place confidentially, you should discuss it in advance before the wedding shooting!

In what format are the materials submitted?

All photos are provided in .jpg format. All videos were shot on the day of the shooting in MPEG-4, Full HD format.

When ordering photos and videos for a wedding, you get a discount

We are a married couple, we work together. Videographer Ilya Proskuryakov and photographer Olena Proskuryakov. As a wedding photographer and videographer with 10 years of experience, we can say with confidence that there are no bad weather or problems with choosing a location for a wedding photo and video shoot. If it’s raining, you can always find a studio with a nice interior, and there are a lot of them in Kyiv, and today you can find and rent a studio every day (of course, very popular wedding dates can be an exception). Autumn, winter, summer, spring – at any time of the year you can take a photo shoot and make beautiful wedding photos and videos.

Your wedding is an unforgettable moment

Which should be immortalized with great love and attention to detail. As a wedding photographer in Kyiv, I have extensive experience in capturing every emotional moment and beauty of your special day. My goal is to take pictures that will become eternal memories of your love, joy and happiness. With the help of professional equipment and a creative approach, I will provide you with unique photos that will transport you to the magical world of your wedding every time you look at them. Trust me with your emotions, and I will do my best to ensure that every moment of your big day remains forever in your memory.

Wedding photographer, Kyiv – some tips

Are you looking for a wedding photographer in Kyiv and want to choose the best month for your photo session? Depending on your preferences and important dates, the choice can be key to creating great memories. Spring, when nature comes to life and blooms with spring colors, can be a time for tender and romantic pictures among blooming gardens and parks. Summer offers bright sunshine and warm evenings, perfect for outdoor photo shoots, perhaps by a river or lake. Autumn impresses with its magical colors, creating an atmosphere of warmth and coziness, while winter can bring you the magical atmosphere of winter fairy snow and cozy evenings by a cozy fireplace. Choose the month that best suits your own style and the atmosphere of your wedding, and together we will make your photo session unforgettable.

As soon as you decide on a wedding date, start looking for a photographer and videographer – Ask if your date is available

You need to search for and order a wedding photographer in Kyiv and a videographer for your wedding as soon as possible after you have decided on the wedding date and venue. Here are some tips that may help:

Set the date: As soon as you decide on a wedding date, start looking for a photographer and videographer. Some of them may have a full schedule in advance, especially during the popular wedding season.

Choose a style: Consider different photographers and videographers by evaluating their portfolios. Choose those whose style matches your preferences and the atmosphere you want to create at your wedding.

Plan ahead: Book your photographer and videographer as early as possible to ensure they are available on your wedding day.

Wedding photographer Kyiv. Acting quickly in finding and booking photos and videos will help you ensure that you get professional photos and videos that will become everlasting memories of your special day.

There are many advantages to ordering wedding photos and videos, especially when choosing a professional photographer and videographer. Here are some of them:

Professional quality: Professional photographers and videographers have extensive experience and knowledge in the field of photography and videography. They know how to properly use equipment, lighting and framing to create high quality images.

Peace of mind: By ordering photos and videos for your wedding, you can enjoy the holiday with peace of mind, knowing that all the important moments will be captured by professionals.

Family Heirloom: Photos and videos will become an integral part of your family heritage that you can pass on to your descendants.

So, ordering photos and videos for a wedding is an investment in your memories and the eternity of this special day. A photographer and videographer will capture all the important moments of your wedding, from the ceremony to the party. They can capture all emotions, joys and romantic moments.

Advantages of ordering a wedding photographer and video in Kyiv in one place:

Working together: A photographer and videographer can work together to ensure they capture all the important moments of your wedding from different angles. This can create a more complete picture of your day.

Convenience: One place for ordering photos and videos provides convenience in interacting with one company. You won’t need to coordinate different vendors, making your planning process easier.

Style Sync: If the photographer and videographer work for the same company, their style and approach to shooting can be better in sync. This can provide more consistent results and a more harmonious story of your wedding in photos and videos.

Cost reductions: Usually, companies that offer both photography and videography can offer a reduced cost for package deals, compared to if you were to order these services separately.

If you have already ordered a photographer or videographer – we have worked and cooperate with many different photographers and videographers. Also hosts, DJs and other wedding service providers

So, one-stop photo and video ordering is a convenient and efficient solution that can ease your wedding planning process and ensure you get high-quality photos and videos of your special day.