Videographer for a wedding in Kyiv

Videographer for a wedding in Kyiv. Good afternoon, my name is Ilya, and if you are looking for a videographer for a wedding in Kyiv. I provide wedding videography services in Kyiv. More than 10 years of work experience. Editing of the clip is done to the music you like. It can be a fast track, then the editing will be faster. Slow composition, then the installation will be slower.

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Video shooting of a wedding in Kyiv, prices

The price of a videographer – Full day videographer for a wedding: 12,000 – 15,000 UAH.

Discounts are possible (for example, when ordering photos and videos from us), also if you need more work time with a preliminary order of more than 12 hours, an hour of work by a videographer will cost an additional 2000 UAH.

If you are interested in shorter wedding video shooting time, video shooting without editing or any other video shooting, call us, let’s make an agreement! The price of video recording depends on many factors: First, on the time, hours of filming. On the second of the shooting day, weekdays, weekends, shooting month. Do you need to go out of town? Discounts are also possible when photos and videos are ordered in one place.

What you get when ordering a videographer for a wedding in Kyiv:

1. Videographer services, wedding clip lasting 3-5 minutes to any of your favorite music. Montage of the clip from the original sources.

2. Wedding film lasting 1.5-3 hours or more (depends on the program of the day, registry office, wedding, banquet).

3. Professional video shooting, all weekend videos, everything filmed during the entire wedding day. They are sent to you in an archive via a file-exchanger. In the watch, this is about 4-6 hours of video for the whole day.

4. I record absolutely all contests, polls, toasts and most of the dance program. At a banquet, an out-of-town ceremony, the registry office, sound recording is performed on additional equipment (recorder) if the DJ and his equipment allow it.

What equipment do I use as a wedding videographer when recording videos?

Nikon Z5 – D750 SLR camera, interchangeable lenses, monopod, tripod or shoulder rest. As you have already noticed, sound recording at the banquet is performed on additional equipment, which allows you to make the greeting cleaner.

Wedding video Kyiv. As an author, I have the right to post wedding clips or films in my portfolio. If you want the video shooting to take place confidentially without placing my work in the portfolio. You should discuss this in advance before the wedding shoot. Remember that thanks to the portfolio, you have the opportunity to choose a videographer for the wedding.

Відеооператор на весілля Київ
Videographer for a wedding in Kyiv

We invite you to use the services of a videographer at your wedding in Kyiv!

Your special day deserves quality video capture to preserve unforgettable moments for years to come. Our experienced videographers will skillfully depict your emotions, joy and love in every frame.

Why me

Professionalism: As a videographer, I have many years of experience working at weddings and other events. They will make every effort to ensure that every moment of your wedding is on video with the highest quality.
Creativity: We offer not only traditional video capture, but also original concepts and creative approaches to shooting. Together we can create a video that will reflect your unique love story.
Individual approach: We carefully listen to your wishes and ideas in order to provide you with video production that meets your vision of the perfect wedding.
State-of-the-art equipment: We use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to provide you with high-quality video with clear sound and beautiful footage.

Don’t miss the moment! Place an order today to book our team for your wedding date. With us, your memories of this day will remain alive forever!

Why should a videographer be ordered in advance?

Ordering a wedding videographer in advance has several important advantages:

Guaranteed availability: Popular videographers often have busy schedules due to the large number of orders. By ordering them in advance, you can be sure that you will receive the services of the specialist you want, and your date will be secured.

Planning and preparation: Early booking allows you to calmly plan the details of the wedding, including the concept of the video, the choice of locations for shooting and coordinating the work schedule with the videographer.

Less stress: Hiring a videographer in advance will save you stress in the last moments before the wedding, when you are busy finalizing other details of this important event.

Interaction and communication: The earlier you book a videographer, the more time you have to interact with him, discuss your wishes and clarify the details of the shoot. This will allow you to create an individual approach to your video.

So, ordering a videographer in advance is a step towards ensuring a successful and memorable wedding, where every moment will be on video the way you want it.

You can also order not only a video for your wedding in Kyiv, but also the services of a photographer.

How to choose a place and date for filming a wedding clip in Kyiv

You can choose a place and date for filming a wedding clip in Kyiv, taking into account several important factors. Here are some tips that can help you with this:

Seasonality and weather conditions: Consider which season is more suitable for you to shoot. Do you want it to be spring blooming or summer sunny atmosphere, autumn golden season, or maybe a winter fairy tale. Please note that the weather can significantly affect the atmosphere and quality of filming.

Location: Kyiv offers many great locations for shooting a wedding video, such as historical monuments, parks, cultural centers, botanical gardens, etc. Choose places that match your style and preferences.

Schedule: Consider what schedule is convenient for you for filming. It is advisable to choose a date when you have free time and when your chosen locations are available for filming.

Permits: Check if any permits are required or if filming is allowed in the locations you’ve selected. This may affect your choice of location and date.

Budget: Consider your budget for the shoot. Some locations may charge a fee for filming, and you’ll need to factor in transportation, equipment rental, and other expenses.

Professional advice: If you are unsure, you should contact professional videographers or wedding planners who have experience in filming in Kyiv. They can offer valuable advice and recommendations.

Remember that choosing a place and date for shooting a wedding clip is a personal matter, and it is important to take into account your own preferences and requirements.